Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Girl and Her Poem

And because i dont have full knowledge of everything, i totally got it loud and clear what Allah is saying in this verse.

Do you roger that, my friends?

Since we should be thinking good of others and since we would rarely know the whole story about something, He, our Lord had reminded us to avoid negative assumptions too. Of course when we want to avoid negative assumption, then we should be thinking good of others, right? And to be able to think good of others, we should avoid negative assumptions.

HA! HA!.. Kinda makes you feel this is like the chicken and egg story, agree?

So the point is this-
We should not assume someone or something is bad simply because they seemed to be that way from our naked eyes.

Zabrina A. Bakar


  1. setuju....mata kdg2 salah mentafsir..

  2. naked ears, naked heart.
    be nice to all.


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